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Friday, March 24, 2017

Welcoming Steve Mitchell, Author of Between Venus and Mars

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This week I'm happy to be hosting fellow Soulmate Publishing author Steve Mitchell. His newest story Between Venus and Mars, is featured in the Soulmate Tree Saga

An ancient legend spanning eras, continents, and worlds. To some, it’s nothing more than a dream. To others, a pretty fairy tale handed down through the generations.
For those in critical need of their own happy ending, a gift.
Once Upon a Galaxy . . .

Zana Starchild is on a mission to restore her tribe’s livestock and save herself from one more meal of kelp. Sure, it’s technically illegal to visit Old Earth, but to a rim rat like Zana, galactic laws are really just guidelines. Her wrecked starship just means she’ll need to use her backup plan to get off the abandoned world, an old Earth legend her uncle passed down to her.
Pulled from a relaxing shower, across the galaxy to Old Earth, Galactic Marshall Kyle Kepler finds himself naked and marooned with a quirky rim rat. Zana’s broken more laws than Kyle can count, and he plans to arrest her, just as soon as he can find transport off the planet and a pair of pants.

A junk heap of a starship, a magical tree, and a roving gang of mutant kangaroos are just the beginning of rollicking intergalactic journey filled with laughs, love, and adventure.

When series collide: Between Venus and Mars is not only set the multi-dimensional worlds of the Soul Mate Tree legend, but also ties into my Hearts in Orbit series, a futuristic universe filled with starships, aliens, and new technologies. And, of course, romance. The Soul Mate Tree project offered me a great way to play with some new characters and further develop my universe, while partnering with some of the best authors in the business.
The Hearts in Orbit universe is a place where galactic marshals keep the peace in the cosmopolitan Core Worlds as well as the wild-west type rim world planets. While this book works as a standalone, and you don’t have to have read any of the others, I consider it Hearts in Orbit 2.5, fitting nicely between Pirates of the Dark Nebula and my soon-to-be-released Hearts in Orbit 3 novel Captives of the Kratzen.

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Sounds wonderful, Steve.
Tell us a little about yourself and your writing

     I’m just a guy who reads, writes, and loves romance. I also dabble in science fiction and fantasy, but haven’t published anything in those genres yet.

Do you write full time? 

     I’ve been writing for over 30 years, but seven years ago I decided to quit my job as an IT professional and pursue my passion to write romance full time.

What are your writing inspirations?

     Earliest inspirations were Robert E. Howard, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Anne McCaffrey. After I started reading romance I gravitated toward Nora Roberts and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

How did you come to write this story?

     I was approached by my editor to be part of an author cooperative venture the Soul Mate Publishing was launching. The Soul Mate Tree project brought together multiple authors to complete thirteen books that will be released throughout the year. Between Venus and Mars is my contribution to this collection.

Is this book part of a series as well?

     Yes times two. Between Venus and Mars not only is part of the Soul Mate Tree Saga, but the story also exists in my Hearts in Orbit universe. While it is still a stand-alone work it does use characters and elements from that series. I consider it Hearts in Orbit 2.5 as it fits chronologically between Pirates of the Dark Nebula, and my upcoming third book, Captives of the Kratzen.

Tell us a bit about the characters and who we might be meeting in the future.

     Zana Starchild is a “rim rat,” a young lady from a lower-tech, agrarian planet on the rim of the galaxy. Kyle Kepler is a Galactic Marshal from one of the Core Worlds. It’s a “city mouse/country mouse kind of story. Their story is complete here, so they probably won’t be popping up again in future stories.
     One character who probably will is devil-may-care, bad boy, Galactic Marshal Kirklund T. Jameson. He also appeared in Pirates of the Dark Nebula and will most definitely need his own book someday.

What project will you be working on next?

     I just finished up work on Hearts in Orbit 3: Captives of the Kratzen, and I plan on letting my muse fly free for a few weeks among the half dozen projects I have on the back burner. I probably have time to finish one of them before diving into my next major project, a 3-book Demons and Angels series that will allow me to finish the storyline I started in my Demons Rising trilogy.

One surprising or interesting fact about yourself.

     The most surprising thing about me for many people is that I’m a guy. There aren’t a lot of men writing romance, though probably more than you would think. Whether that’s also interesting, I’m not so sure. It’s just who I am. 

Is there anything else about yourself you'd like to tell us about yourself or your writing?

     My writing is probably more influenced by movies and current pop culture than other books. I try to bring “big budget Hollywood” elements to my writing. Think Lord of the Rings, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, but as the backdrop for a traditional romance novel. My stories still center around two people finding their happy ever after, but with lots of explosions happening outside the bedroom as well.

Thanks, Steve. And I'm really glad there are several male romance authors who have graced the pages of this blog. I  get notes from male romance readers all the time. Good luck, and come back soon!

Hidden strengths, adventurous hearts.

S.C.Mitchell grew up an avid reader of comic books, science fiction and fantasy literature. He’s been writing stories for over thirty years. In 2010 he left his job as a computer desktop support specialist to pursue his passion for writing full time. He is a member of the Romance Writers of America as well as the Wisconsin chapter.

As a writer of paranormal and sci-fi romance, fantasy, and science fiction, Steve crafts unique and wondrous worlds where his characters explore, romp, and fall in love. Whether traveling through dark, demon filled dimensions, the edge of wild space, or ancient mythological heavens, his heroes and heroines, guided by their adventurous hearts, discover hidden strengths on their pathway to enduring love.

You’ll find him at:
Amazon Author Page:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weekend Treat: New Erotic Fiction by Andrew Richardson

Kerry-Jane is up to more of her tricks in Andrew Richardson's new erotic fiction release out today with Cobblestone Press  

Weekend Treat is in the same vein as The Bank Manager , which I featured here just about a year ago,  Art Class, and the forthcoming Eton Mess.

Tell us a bit more, Andrew.

All these stories include a cool brunette and her friend, a flightier blonde.  I wanted a change from putting the duo in the stressful situations of my usual horror stories, and to let them have some fun.  So, Kerry-Jane and Amy were born.  They are two PhD students studying archaeology in a fictional university in a town somewhere near London.  Most of my erotica centers around Kerry-Jane, although ‘Weekend Treat’ is a little different.  Kerry-Jane and Amy have cameo appearances while the story’s ‘star’ is Rachel, their supervisor.

Rachel McKenzie has to give up another Saturday morning to her job. Lucky for her, two handsome plumbers have to work through the weekend too.  Egged on by a dare from her colleagues, Rachel dresses sexy and flirts with the men while they work in her office.  The plumbers are eager to return her attention, but can Rachel handle taking things to the next level?


Kerry-Jane shook her head with a mischievous smile. “And the plumbers are miffed at their boss making them do your office on a weekend when you won’t be here to flirt. Apparently you’re the most beautiful doctor they’ve ever seen.”
Rachel raised her other eyebrow.
“You’ve got no idea how gorgeous you are, have you?” Kerry-Jane bit her lip. “That’s what the blokes say.”
Rachel sipped tea to hide her warming cheeks. “Well, you’re gorgeous, and everyone reckons we could be sisters, so I suppose I’ve got cause for hope. And the hunks will have to work around me after all because I’ve got a paper to finish.”
Kerry-Jane laughed. “You’ll be lucky if they let you get anything done!”
Rachel rolled her eyes, trying not to let her pleasure show. “But don’t you and Amy want them? What kind of friend would I be if I got in the way?”
“Of course we do, but we’ve got other halves, so we can only flirt.” Kerry-Jane shook her head in mock sadness but then brightened. “Instead of your fieldwork grunge, why not try something daring tomorrow? Feel sexy. Don’t wear a bra.”
Rachel’s cheeks warmed. “I couldn’t do that.”
“Why not?”
She sipped her tea as the thought sent butterflies into her stomach. “Well, I...”
Kerry-Jane winked. “Amy took hers off at lunchtime.”
Rachel was shocked. “Did she?”
Kerry-Jane nodded.

“I’ll think about it.” Well, fantasize about it.

You're very prolific, Andrew. And versatile.  How did you come to write this story?

 Weekend Treat follows on from a full-length novel I wrote (‘The Door into War’), featuring the same main character – Rachel McKenzie, an academic archaeologist.  In the novel Rachel, who is in her early thirties, is worried she might be too old to attract a decent man.  It was a theme the novel didn’t let me develop, and this story addresses that.

Is this book part of a series?

Yes and no.  I’ve written four erotic shorts ‘starring’ the same group of characters, but they’re definitely not a planned series.  In fact, I’ve always shied away from calling them a series because I write them irregularly and when I want to, and I don’t want to pressurize myself into feeling I have to produce any more.

How did you come to write this story?

The story follows on from a full-length novel I wrote (‘The Door into War’), featuring the same main character – Rachel McKenzie, an academic archaeologist.  In the novel Rachel, who is in her early thirties, is worried she might be too old to attract a decent man.  It was a theme the novel didn’t let me develop, and this story addresses that.

Is this book part of a series?

Yes and no.  I’ve written four erotic shorts ‘starring’ the same group of characters, but they’re definitely not a planned series.  In fact, I’ve always shied away from calling them a series because I write them irregularly and when I want to, and I don’t want to pressurize myself into feeling I have to produce any more.

What project will you be working on next?

My standard fare is a mixture of horror and fantasy.  Celtic myths fascinate me and I’m in the planning stage for a horror novel set against the background of the Irish ‘Ulster Cycle’, at about the time of Christ.  Not a straight retelling, but using the old tales as a background.

What are your writing inspirations?

My original inspiration was the horror books and films that fascinated me in my late teens.  Later, when I had a bit more confidence to attempt writing without using gore to keep the reader entertained I took inspiration from Celtic myths, particularly Welsh stories, that have enchanted me since I was a child.  
My main writing inspiration is (or sadly was, R.I.P.) Richard Laymon.  Laymon taught me two things.  Firstly, a stark style that works for me, and secondly where the boundaries are in what you can and can’t do in a horror story, which has given me more confidence to work nearer those boundaries.

One surprising or interesting fact about yourself?
I know this will be boring, but I don’t think there is much because I don’t keep skeletons in my cupboards.  Those who know me think me writing violent horror and women’s erotica is surprising.  Apparently, I don’t seem the sort.

Andrew Richardson lives in Wiltshire, England, with his wife, a rescue cat, and a son who occasionally pops home from university. He is within easy reach of Stonehenge and other historical places whose regal solitude provides a clear mind for working out plot difficulties and story ideas.  

Most of Andrew’s work falls squarely into the horror/fantasy genre, but he also enjoys writing some erotica so his characters can have some fun for a change instead of being scared out of their wits. He has a dislike of laptops so adopts the old and quaint approach of typing with a desktop, which at least has a screen big enough to avoid the need to squint.

Andrew has a background in archaeology and has worked on sites in England, Scotland and Wales.  It’s not really a surprise that most of his work reflects this interest and experience. When he’s not writing or working as a science administrator Andrew follows Aldershot Town Football Club and takes long walks over rugged countryside.

He has had nine novels or novellas published (one forthcoming), as well as several short stories.  The majority include some element of Celtic myth. 

Twitter: @Richardson_Andy

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Twitter: @Richardson_Andy


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