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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let It Snow!

Yet another winter storm is bearing down on the Northeast. I went skiing last weekend and hope to get more in next Sunday. The Olympics have me psyched for the challenge, though it won’t be along the lines of downhill racing. I just have to survive getting the kids there and up and down the mountain, and back home.

I think a weekly snowstorm is just grand-it is supposed to be cold in the winter-and my whole family has enjoyed snow days. We’ve sledded, cross country skied down the city streets, built a snow fort and a snowman, and savored the beauty of snow laden pine trees on a stormy morning.

I’ve got two new novel projects in progress, one further along than the other, but it’s been fun starting something fresh.

Marketing my other novel, memoir, and a few shorts is a time consuming black hole which I fell into about two years ago and have just emerged from. There were a breaths of fresh air along the way with lots of nonfiction publications and one piece of fiction released in January with reviewers asking to "see more from this author."

Two other pieces of fiction are under serious consideration with independent publishers.While I’m not giving up the agent search, it seems ridiculous to not query those who will accept unagented submissions. I'd love an agent, but not at the expense of never seeing my work in print because it "doesn't fit my list."

I’m doing anthology and collection reviews now for Tangent and the reading has been challenging but worthwhile. Check out my latest two reviews: Ars Memoraie by Beth Bernobich (alternate history/steampunk)and Slightly Behind and to the Left by Claire Light (hardcore feminist sci fi, for those willing to work a bit). I’m now working on Tails of Wonder edited by Ellen Datlow. Sneak preview: missed a subway stopped while engrossed in story # 3.

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