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Friday, November 27, 2009

Welcome to my newest blog!

Some of you might already know me from the old Yahoo 360 or Livejournal. Since Yahoo 360 went away, I've been looking for a site that is more user friendly with a broader audience and eventually will reserve the Livejournal blog for purely writing related activities. Trouble is, I write about health care, politics, and current events as well as fiction, so it gets mixed up far too often.

Anyway, here I am. I'll be working on setting up all the links on this page but for now the best place to find out all the dirt about me is my website.

You can also read my blog devoted to professional issues at or my so-called writing related blog at

I'm on Twitter and Facebook as well and do not flood either with details about what I eat for lunch everyday or all the terrible things my kids are up to. I save that for the blogs.

Now that you have far too much information already, here's my first post on Blogger.

"When you're up to your ass in alligators it's hard to remember your mission was to drain the swamp." Not sure who said that originally, but I clearly remember the cartoon hanging over a co-worker's desk a number of years back.

Life has been snapping at my rear, but I've beeb biting back. For the last three weeks I've been preoccupied with health care reform to the exclusion of almost everything else. Unfortunately, no I'm no longer wholeheartedly in favor of it due to the unfortunate decision made by House Democrats to allow the Stupak amendment to pass, effectively making being female a pre-existing condition. It just got worse, and more confusing, as the US Preventative Services Task Force issued their flawed report on mammograms, then ACOG issued new guidelines about changes in screening for cervical cancer.

In addition to answering questions from patients and debate about the new proposals and guidelines with my colleagues, I've summarized my thoughts on the subject on my Livejournal professional blog.

This week I wrote to my Senators and Congressman, sent an op-ed for The New York Times (they didn’t want it) and then a letter to the editor sounding the alarm about the ridiculous conclusions made by Dr. Phillip Levine in his New York Times Op-Ed on 11/25.

Honestly, this is not sour grapes but wasn't there anyone else who submitted an Op-Ed piece on the subject of women's reproductive health care with more knowledge and expertise than an economist? They could have printed mine instead of subjecting us to Levine's misogynist platitudes.

Never mind, but this kind of writing isn't fun for me and takes huge amounts of time to refine and edit. And I can't post any of it here since I'm submitting to other publications. But rest assured, I am not being quiet and well-behaved.

I haven't had time to post an excerpt of "The Dance Class" as promised. I'd also hoped to post an excerpt of "'Tis the Season" to kick off the shopping season but it will be done in time for Christmas.

Today I had a day off (yeah!) and began with a piece of lemon meringue pie and coffee while catching up on email and correspondence. Disgusted with myself, I raked leaves till I broke a sweat, then had a turkey sandwich with stuffing and mayo before I went to a much needed yoga class.

It got really cold this afternoon, and I had a blister on my finger already so the rest of the leaves had to wait. I popped a turkey in the oven and had coffee and a piece of pecan pie while working on two interviews for next week, plus writing recommendations for a friend applying to an MFA program. By the time the turkey was done, so was I.

After this, I'll spend some time editing and reading another chapter of Thunderer by Felix Gilman. Tomorrow and Sunday will be devoted to editing and some critiques I owe, plus getting moving on the Jules Verne criticism piece and the Campbell nominee piece left over from my to do list after Worldcon. I want both done by the end of the year and have finally finished reading all the materials.

Sad news about The Fix: it seems as with Tangent before it the temporary hiatus for website upgrade has become permanent. I really enjoyed working with the other reviewers and editor Eugie Foster and now have no where to send my upcoming publications for a good, objective review.

Stay tuned next week for an interview with a writing friend of mine, Andrew Richarson, who has a superb short story coming out with Eternal Press on December 7th.