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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've Been Abducted by Aliens

I decided to post a quick post explanation for my absence from crit circles and social networking. Actually, my absence from anything but my office, car, or kitchen.

Alien being, in the form of teenagers, have sucked me into their world and are holding me hostage.
My own two teenagers (and all their associated drama including mischief, college selection/auditions, sports, birthdays, school events, concerts…) plus the 1000 or so entrusted to me in the school based health center I staff in a New York City public high school (lots of mischief and mayhem, asthma and viruses, but thankfully no swine flu this year).

Any spare time, and it isn't much, has been spent on another revision of Unfinished Business, based up comments I got from an editor at Anticipation last year, as well as some superb crit partners helping me re-work the opening. I'm up to Chapter 36 of 42 and on target for another round of submissions by June 1. But if I don't stay focused and off the Internet, that rather unpalatable task will never get done.

Except for some contracted assignments and reviews already promised, I will not be doing new writing, marketing, critting, or subbing until the end of the school year on June 30. Haven't made it to Fantastic Fiction since February, and May doesn't look good with a 6 p.m. ball game scheduled.

Here's what has been published over the last month or so:


Tails of Wonder and Imagination, edited by Ellen Datlow

Articles: "What Not to Drink When Kayaking"


An excerpt of Unfinished Business that really did have a kayak in it before this gig (not an inflatable with the buy link embedded) but this is ad copy after all.

Time to make my captors breakfast and get going on today's activities.