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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Re-Entry and Recovery

I arrived home from Chi Con at 10 am Monday. My flight left the Windy City at 7 am , meaning I was up at 3 am for a 4 am airport shuttle. And since I was sharing post-Hugo ceremony drinks and memories with my Taos Toolbox alumni until after midnight, the short doze I had from take off until snack service was about the extent of the sleep I got.

I'm accustomed to being on overnight call, so that stuporous-as-long-as-I-don't stop-moving-I -won't-collapse state wore off about 9 am and I nearly slept through the alarm this morning.  But back to work it was, including my first day of classes in my doctoral program!!!

Yes, I am nuts but a gal has to do what she has to do. More on that here.

Here are the Chi-Con highlights:

For sure, it was Story Musgrave signing autographs next to me. He came over before the session to chat with my daughter, and that was special. Later on, he visited Chi-Kidz and taught the kids about going to the bathroom in space. She still hasn't stopped talking about that. My husband either.
Well, he's more excited about having met Story Musgrave than toilet talk--but meeting an astronaut is way cool.

Plus I got to chat with Joshua Palmatier during the autograph session (he was on the other side of me) and that is always very pleasant.

My Kaffeeklatsche was devoted to at Taos Toolbox reunion (all but four of us made it to Chi Con this year) and the TT/Anticipation Workshop reading was well attended. Thanks to Ann Dulhanty and Peter Charron for joining me.

I'm now adjourning to the couch to read about 150 pages of scintillating theoretical and academic material so I can get up at 5:30 tomorrow and atart to regurgitate it in the form of two papers, with footnotes in APA style, by the deadline this weekend.

The only thing getting me through, keeping me on a perpetual high, is, as always my creative writing.

"Mishmash Magick" will be out any day now in Beltane: Ten Tales of Magic, edited by Rayne Hall.

I owe her two other stories (they're mostly set in the Boulevard of Bad Spells and Broken Dreams world) for Ten Tales of Zombies and Ten Tales of Witchcraft titles.

"Artichokes" is being released this month in A Quilt of Holidays, This Path was just re-released in ebook format. It contains two of my favorite essays

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