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Print and E Books on Sale
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Kayaking With Kids: Easy Cape Cod Day Trips for the Entire Family

This handy guide, in print and Kindle format, helps you plan some fun, educational, and safe day trips on the Cape. Carole has distilled her years of experience on boats, in canoes, and kayaks  into this book about kayaking as well as activities for landlubbers in her absolute favorite place to wile away summer days--Brewster and other towns on the mid-Cape.

The book is available right now at CreateSpace. Be sure to use discount code SC3VWFS3  for a special introductory price. Get your copy now so you're ready for the summer! To make a donation to the Brewster Conservation Trust, leave off the discount code and email Carole for a thank you certificate.

The print book is also available at the following local merchants:

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
Woodworks Gallery-Lemon Tree Village, Brewster
Rail Trail Bike and Kayak, Brewster
The Brewster Town Office Visitor Center
The Brewster Bookstore
Bass River Kayaks, West Dennis
BookSmith, Orleans
Yellow Umbrella Books, Chatham

In partnership with many local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce, Carole was in Brewster for a variety of events including celebration of Conservation Day on July 12. During the week, Carole and Kayaking with Kids volunteers removed over 500 pounds of asphalt from Paine's Creek!

Thanks to the Chamber, part of the proceeds of books purchased at the Brewster Town Visitor Center will be donated to the Brewster Conservation Trust. I will pool those donations as well. Email me if you would like a thank you certificate.

Conservation Day 2014

What a truly delightful event! Perfect weather, a perfect mix of fun and educational activities to both celebrate and educate attendees about Cape Cod's natural resources and how to keep Brewster beautiful.

Thanks to all those who stopped by to pick up a beach pail to collect trash on whatever beach they were off to—some as far as Provincetown and Truro. And special thanks to my family for their hard work in setting up and organizing events. We collected 362.5 pounds of asphalt from Paine's Creek on Saturday alone. Over the rest of the week collected a grand total of 550.5 pounds! We plan to continue the collection. Stop by, pick up a pail, by the kayak racks, and dump it on the growing pile on your way home. Post your totals by the bucketload (each bucket is about 10 pounds). Email Carole and she will send you a certificate of appreciation.

Here were the tallies by sunset on 7/12. Thanks to these kids who gave up their afternoon fun on the beach—and to the parents who brought them down especially for the event or who allowed them to participate.

Maya 83 pounds
Olivia 8 pounds (At age 2, it's never too young to start)
Riley 8 pounds (Also, age 2 and just as enthusiastic as his sister)

Leila 78 pounds
Siena 48.5 pounds
Lucy 67.5 pounds
Zoe 69.5 pounds

Here are some field notes:

One piece weighed 32 pounds. Another piece looked like it had a full head of hair. Some still had visible parking space line markers.

There seems to be a lot left mid-marsh- just before the rocky jetty—where the current starts to flow outward. We need an army of kids with buckets—those are smaller pieces that take many hands and lots of patience to collect. Pick up a pail at the Brewster Town Visitor Center, while supplies last. Report back here how much you've collected.

Oh, and by the way, if anyone "borrowed" the scale, please let me know so I can arrange to pick it up.

There are more photos on Twitter #Kayakingwithkids and Facebook. Post yours there, too!

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