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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meet Me at World Con

The schedule is short and sweet. Seems like they had no use for me on actual panels or as a moderator. The good part of that is I have NO prep work to do and won't run myself ragged like I did at Anticipation. And I'm not covering the event for any venues this year (IROSF and The Fix are long  gone).

I will be sharing the stage with some great writers and hope you can stop by and join us.

Friday August 31:


Kaffeklatsche with alumni of Taos Toolbox 2011 (AKA the Diesel Bears).  This will be a reunion of sorts  but if you'd like to learn more about the workshop and if it's right for you, please stop by. We are a diverse group, writing steampunk/weird western, alternate history, urban, young adult, and traditional fantasy, and science fiction.

Saturday September 1:

Book signing    

I will have copies of all my books for sale, and gladly sign books purchased elsewhere. I also have book card for ebook customers, some nice swag, and chocolate.



Ann Dulhanty, a fellow member of the Anticipation Workshops is confirmed and there are rumors that other Taos Toolbox alums will stop in and wow you with some of their published stories or works in progress.

We'll have a rapid fire reading and stick around afterwards to answer questions about the Anticipation Workshops and how to apply for membership. All those submitting manuscripts to the Chi-Con professional workshop should be sure to come by.

Ann Dulhanty (moderator of Anticipation Workshop Group 2) is a scientist, business person and believer in magic. She writes scifi and urban fantasy and sometimes both. Her style is jaunty and explores the foibles of human nature. Her life's goal is to use 'errr' properly in a sentence. She has published short stories in an anthology series called Twisted Tails ( volumes 2 to 6), edited by J. Richard Jacobs and published by Double Dragon publishing Inc.

Anticipation Workshop is a group of pro and semi pro writers organized into four groups (loosely organized by genre and form) who critique each other's work on a fixed schedule.

Ann Dulhanty


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