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Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Hurricane Irene Journal

The worst of the storm seems to have passed but the wind is still whipping the sodden tree limbs. Most major roadways and all subways and commuter lines are closed due to flooding and downed trees and power lines.

We had minor seepage in the basement, which is all cleaned up. The yard is a mess. I hear wind, lots of sirens, but the sun is trying to come out.

I've been keeping a journal on Twitter, if you'r e interested. And I've been writing--a lot. Details are on Livejournal.

I'm writing a post about my thoughts about hurricanes past for my professional blog. Should be up sometime today.


  1. Blogger is doing it's thing again and no one can leave messages! I am rechecking the settings now. Please email me your comments and questions for Marlene. Contact info through my website

  2. Hello Carole

    I've been trying to post a question for your visitor, but Blogger won't let me post it.

    Here it is. If you want to post it on my behalf, you're welcome to.

    Andrew Richardson

    I've always been fascinated by stories of time travel but I've been a bit scared of trying to write one seriously because of all the paradoxes and the like you need to think about. Do you concern yourself much with the scientific technicalities, or do you think it's best just to be an author and push the possible problems aside?