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Storm Watch: Book Three in the Unfinished Business Series

Storm Watch: Book Three in the Unfinished Business Series
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The Unfinished Business Series

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Follow Your Conscience To The Polls

Thanks to all my friends and followers getting in touch to see how I'm doing. Everyone in my extended family is fine, and I now have power, heat, Internet, cable and phone. Plenty of food, but no gas. Give me a few days to catch up on correspondance or ping me back if I havent responded because a lot of email, texts, and phone calls got waylaid over the last seven days.

I've been posting little updates on Twitter and Facebook so you can hop over their for the gritty details. Here are some telling pictures from The New York Times

I try to keep politics and writing separate, but before you go the polls on November 6, please read this. 

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