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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hannah Townsend Lawrence Liked My Performance

The ghost tour of the historic Lawrence Cemetery was fantastic yesterday. We had a great crowd and a very nice, albeit chilly day.

It took me nearly two hours to get dressed, and had to enlist the help of my friend (and seamstress) Janet to create a bustle from the extra folds of fabric meant to accomodate a hoop (which the historical society doesn't have).  The pantalettes gave me some additional insulation, but the shoes were KILLERS, standing on squishy, cold, uneven ground.

There are hooks and eyes over hooks and eyes on the jacket and the BACK of the skirt, then the lace gets in the way while you're trying to do them up. I made the mistake of getting a haircut last week, and there was nothing to anchor the hat to. So I had to rig up a hairpiece so the hat would stay on my head at just the right angle.

Those ladies really needed their maids, and how the hell did they walk and dance without tripping? 

Anyway, it was great and everyone murmured how beautiful I looked as I swept into the cemetery. Well, limped and tried not to show it.

The most cool thing was, after the performance, I used the Paranormal States application. There was no electromagnetic activity detected in any other spot, including all the grave sites of the other ghosts, until I walked, still in costume, to Hannah's. The meter hummed like an F-16 and almost went off the dial. I didn't get any foreboding vibes, so I guess she was pleased.

Check out my pictures on Facebook. The video is too long to upload here so I will have to post it on YouTube.

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