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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Luna Con and Taos Toolbox

I am alive. The submission deadline for the DelRay Contest is 3/18.  I've been working nonstop on revisions of The Widow's Walk  I'm now more than half way through final edits and formatting. Big kisses to all those who've critiqued any of my chapters on OWW, and to Brent and Andrew, my RFDR's on, who have read the whole thing in record time.

It will be done, so help me God. But I haven't been doing anything else, except recovering from some nasty virus which knocked me out a couple weeks ago, then made a back handed swipe this week. I'm still coughing.

For those who don't follow my Facebook or LiveJournal (please do), I've been accepted to Taos Toolbox this summer. Am I excited at a chance to work with Walter Jon Williams, Nancy Kress, and Jack Skillingshead? You bet? My project will be my new urban fantasy: Boulevard of Bad Spells and Broken Dreams. Stay tuned for chapters on OWW and critters, as soon as I get The Widow's Walk launched

Time to celebrate, and relax. I hope to see some of you next weekend at LunaCon. Please let me know if you're going so we can meet up. Am I missing something? I can't find a program anywhere. My emails to volunteer went unanswered, and the program committed has yet to respond. Makes it a little hard to plan. Not that I've had any time for that.

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